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Hey Guys – help me spread the word and join our ‘Breathe Campaign’ please click on the link and show your support by uploading a video of yourself saying ‘Breathe’ and lets get #Breathe trending on twitter check out our page @CampaignBreathe

This campaign has been started as I am closely involved in many up and coming environmental concerts for 2015 and due to understanding the facts about our environmental concerns I felt it necessary to do something about it.  I have toured many of the Eco schools and inspired pupils with my environmental anthem song, ‘Breathe’, but had to take another step towards ‘call for action’ and start the Breathe Campaign.

Together we can collectively make a difference.  This campaign can bring together all our pledged concerns so we can make a change by gathering enough momentum and energy to show that it is time for change to protect all our futures.

There are many concerning facts like over 7 million people die each year with pollution related diseases to over 18 species of bees are now extinct ! We are all busy with our lives and unaware of how the earth is being drained of all it’s goodness.  We have until 2050 to make a change to protect all our futures or there is no turning back!  So, send your twitter now and endorse this campaign.

I wish to make this one of the most exciting and strong passionate messages ever for environmental reasons and purpose. It takes seconds of your time to pledge your support, please, please act now and support this campaign. This is one of the most important chapters of all our lives in order to turn around the damage that has already taken place on earth, it is now time for us to take some action and make known that we care about our future.

Protect our earth today, for our children’s tomorrow.

Let’s do it!

James King

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