Eco Ambassador Inspires Change

James King, our Eco Ambassador continues to inspire and pour passion into our schools across the nation, by launching his latest ‘call for action’ video and his clear ‘world is in our hands’ song, Breathe on 30th March 2015.

The theme song for Keep Britain Tidy and Eco Schools launches 30th March on iTunes. ‘Breathe’ reinforces the message of how we can all ‘make a difference’ if we come together and show we all care about our future.

James King, continues to inspire schools across the country with appearances to a handful of schools prior to Easter,  as well as holding a national assembly for ‘change’ across eco schools across the nation at 9am on 26th March where the song and video will played. This is to celebrate the power and passion of Eco Schools coming together to ‘make a difference’. The more people that come together for change the stronger our voice becomes, be part of making a difference that we can be proud of.

Any Eco schools who wish to have a copy of the video and have James King visit, then do make contact with to organise a possible visit to your school and to continue the tour of inspiration.

We have launched the ‘Breathe’ campaign: to bring awareness to everyone and show that Eco concerns and values are paramount.  The campaign is for the countdown to the Earth Hour on 28th March, a movement we will continue right up to Live Hour and Earth Day.
‘Breathe’, was written by Luc Floreani, after he heard about the devastating situation and statistics of the Amazon rainforest.



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