‘Small Change Makes a Difference’ – Breathe Campaign

‘A Small Change Will Make a Difference’

30th March 2015

 Breathe! It’s simple, but our ability to do so is being threatened.

Our environment is under threat and it’s time for a ‘call to action‘.   Right now our

greatest health risk is air pollution causing over 7 million deaths per year and that’s

just the beginning.

This month in the lead up to Earth Hour, James King, Ambassador for Eco-Schools for Keep Britain Tidy is

launching  his new single ‘Breathe’ and supporting a national initiative to generate change.

The clock is set and the count-down is on, starting from the 1st March, we need you to

put your name to the Breathe Campaign, the planet needs YOU to say enough is enough, we

want YOU to BREATHE and to help us save all that gives us life.

Protect our earth today, for our children’s tomorrow


Say Breathe onto video and tweet it to @CampaignBreathe with #Breathe


Go to http://jameskingmusic.net/, and listen to the support prelaunch teaser track ‘Breathe’.


Monday 30th March,  King’s single ‘Breathe’ will be released worldwide and we want

you to be part of the UK initiative.

It’s the small changes that will make the difference, without you the world will not

change, without your help the world cannot Breathe.

Listen to a prelaunch teaser of ‘BREATHE’ here: http://jameskingmusic.net/

Buy the song and make a difference

Show your support here:


For more information contact:

Luc Floreani:  luc@floreanimanagement.com

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