The Story behind “Breathe”

“Breathe” was written by Luc Floreani after he heard about the devastating situation and statistics of the amazon rainforest.

With small country-sized chunks of rainforest being destroyed every day Luc felt he needed to write a call to action song, a war cry calling out to people; to rally an army.

As the Theme Song for the Soho Rainforest Jam ( 50 stages, 50 venues, 50 gigs in Soho) “Breathe” was released as a charity single, raising enough money to save 50,000 acres of prime Amazon rainforest.

When the Australian TV station Channel 7 heard about this they immediately ran a story on the single and it’s writer, Luc, asking if they could make “Breathe” their theme tune for their environmental current affairs program “Today Tonight”.

And they’ve kept it as their theme song for the past five years!

“Breathe” was then used by The Princes Trust as the theme tune for their world-wide campaign “The Princes Rainforest Project”, a global initiative to highlight the environmental issues to students at school in the commonwealth.

There was even a competition to see which school could come up with a new version of the song, the winner having the opportunity to perform it, alongside Luc Floreani, at the world-famous Royal Albert Hall in London.

After the success of the Schools Tour, Keep Britain Tidy asked to use the song to keep the passion of music and environmental issues together.

Every year for the past five years the song has traveled to the large Eco Schools conferences across the UK, sharing a message of passion with young people.

In 2014 Keep Britain Tidy and Eco Schools, alongside the “Breathe” team, embarked on a nation-wide schools tour, with young Eco Ambassador James King spearheading it, singing his own version and carrying the environmental flame sparked by the song.

To date “Breathe” has been sung live to over 4 million people!

From the Jazz World Stage at the famous Glastonbury Festival, through the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall, to schools all over the Commonwealth, “Breathe” continues to inspire passion for the environment, empowering people to stand up and make a difference.

If you want to make a difference, buy the single which is due to be released on the 30th March 2015

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